vocational course in scriptwriting and dramaturgy for commercial feature films and drama series.

Story I is a one-year vocational course in scriptwriting and dramaturgy. The course provides the knowledge, tools and inspiration you need for the first steps towards a career in screenwriting and storytelling. 

The course features some of the foremost and most renowned teachers in the American film industry (Hollywood) providing unique insights through studies and analyses of Academy Award-winning scripts. Together with your fellow course members and participants from other courses (Story II, Film Crew) you apply your acquired knowledge in the development of a creative concept for a real drama series. During the final weeks of the course you get the opportunity to pitch your personal projects at meetings with some of the leading Swedish film companies.

After completion of the course you will have essential knowledge in the craft of scriptwriting and be prepared for further studies in the field.


The course encompasses:

  • Lectures and tutoring by acclaimed Hollywood teachers

  • Concept development

  • Tools and techniques to enhance the narrative and improve your efficiency

  • Building a platform as a professional screenwriter

  • Promote your concept with a professionell pitch

The course is held at Gotlands Filmcentrum in Fårösund. 


Story I

Central Content

Concept development
  • How to build powerful and captivating stories

  • Create and present script concepts for feature film and drama series

  • Analyse idea concepts and form clear loglines

  • Build a powerful story with writing techniques developed by Hollywood's top dramatists and taught at the world leading film schools USC and UCLA

  • Create themes, living characters and dramaturgical structures that can captivate a universal audience.


  • Create memorable, visually strong and dramatic scenes

  • Write to reach the person to judge your script

  • Practical techniques for building the various parts of your story 

Promotion and pitch
  • Presentation and argumentation techniques developed by professionals

  • Feedback from fellow course participants and active professional film producers

  • Build your platform as a professional screenwriter

  • Practice and perfect your professional pitch 

Location:  Fårösund

Course:   24 aug 2020 – 3 Juni 2021 

Application date: 30 April 

Study tempo: 100 % 

Study length:   1 year 

Study allowance level:  Folk high school

Study fees: 3 000 SEK/school year. 

Learning Objectives

After completion of the course, the participant should be able to:

- transform ideas into a commercially viable story

- write a script for feature film/drama series on demand

- create a drama series for television

- apply classical script structure, theme, character development, conflicts, etc.

- shape an outline from an idea

- analyze own and others' scripts

- sell an idea concept by use of pitch, loglines and one-pagers

- combine different genres

- apply the rewrite process: receive and draw constructive learning from feedback

- adapt to the film industry's structure and it´s specific expectations and demands on various professions

Some necessary tools you learn


Learn to communicate subtly through

subtitles — what isn’t said or visible. 


Learn the importance of a strong midpoint in the story

Point of view

Get unique knowledge in how you can work with the so called POV (point of view) both in telling and in the actual script and how you change POV without losing the interest of the viewer or the reader who is judging your script. 

Scene Writing

Learn how you can construct the structure for powerful scenes and good transitions between them. 


Learn theories how to create unique voice for your character, that also communicate the theme effectively. 


Learn how to create unforgettable characters and how you get them to convey themes from different perspectives. 


Learn several theories to structure an organic plot, in which the character/characters act out of the plot and their own role as well as personality in it. 


Learn different ways to make the theme or underlying issue of the story become visible. 

Action vs event

Gain tools to create active characters and the motives that they base their actions on. 

Format & Stil

A badly written script won’t be read by professional producers. Learn to write like a professional—and give the producer reading your script a fantastic experience so that your script can be realised!

Act 2

Most stories fail in the key part known as ‘act 2’ and which the course will teach you everything about. 

The World

Get an understanding of the importance of creating a unique world for the story so that the themes of the film may be conveyed. 

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